About the Department

   The Department of Law was established in 1993. It is one of the oldest departments in private colleges in Iraq. The Department is currently headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Hussein Manhal. A number of qualified teaching staff members are working in it. The number of students right now amount to about 800. The Department has a good number of spacious air-conditioned halls well equipped with the suitable educational means and equipment to cope with the requirements of the modern teaching process . Besides, it occupies an outstanding position among peer Departments of Law in Iraqi universities and colleges. Moreover, the graduates of the Department hold noticeable positions in government offices and institutions including jobs such as judges, university teaching staff members, administrators, etc.


    The Department of Law seeks to have a prominent position among Iraqi law faculties by providing up-to-date knowledge, legal education and scientific research in the legal field. The Department is working under the general vision of Shatt Al-Arab University College that seeks to crystallize a notable status among government and private universities and colleges at the local and international levels.

Department Message

    The Department of Law at Shatt Al-Arab University College works hard to qualify legal cadres by exposing them to high-quality study programs especially in the field of judiciary, law, and legal studies. It caters for promoting the value of the human being through acquainting him/her with their rights and duties. In addition, the Department undertakes legal research with the aim of solving community problems in line with the mission of Shatt Al-Arab University College which works to  prepare graduates in various academic fields who are able to assume responsibility in Iraqi society.

Goals of the Department

The Department of Law seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Encouraging scientific research in various legal domains taking into account both the theoretical and practical aspects in an effort to develop laws and serve society through them.
2. Opting for legal texts in the context of contemporary social reality and suggesting appropriate amendments to them.
3. Contributing to the development of legal awareness in society through specialized lectures, public seminars, conferences, and continuing education for jurists in state departments.
4. Strengthening cultural and scientific ties with other peer departments, public and private universities, and Arab and international scientific bodies, especially the departments corresponding to the our Department.
5. Undertaking practice and observation for third year students through summer training, as well as cooperation and coordination with civil and criminal courts for the purpose of bolstering the practical side of all branches of law and for the various academic levels.
6.Promoting ties and communication between the students of the Department, together with its graduates, with the community.